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The United States of America has become polarized and paralyzed at it's core because of it's unwillingness to address the cancer of institutionalized racism that has inhabited this nation since its birth. This cancer manifests itself in multiple ways affecting critical functions of this nation ranging from law enforcement to employment. It keeps a nation that decrees itself to be United from becoming anything but. We must not allow the very thing that makes this nation great tear us apart and that is our diversity! We must begin the process of identifying and eliminating these practices no matter where they are in order for this nation to truly evolve and remain the example for the world to follow.



The citizens of this nation deserve only the finest organizations empowered to serve them and uphold and enforce the laws of the land. Once the confidence in this organization is shaken or has its integrity constantly questioned then the need arises for a nationwide examination and reformation of said organization. The law enforcement community of the United States has found itself in such a position. A position that has been illuminated on the worldwide stage as of late. A position that has driven a wedge between those in authority and those who must obey that authority irregardless of skin color.

I believe we must undertake this task by taking the following steps:

  1. Making it mandatory that all law enforcement officers are required to wear body cameras that cannot be turned off nor have recorded content altered.

  2. The establishment of a Federal Special Prosecutor Division that receives all cases nationwide that specifically involves the use of deadly force against an unarmed citizen by an officer of the law.

  3. Requiring such substantiated cases be classified as Federal crimes and be subsequently tried in Federal Court.

  4. Requiring mandatory annual training of all law enforcement officials in the proper use of de-escalation of force vs. escalation of force and the implementation of a reformed training program for encountering the mentally ill and racial diversity.

  5. The establishment of Civilian Review Boards in every city with oversight of policing practices, recruiting, and citizen complaint resolutions.

  6. Implementation of alternative revenue generating methods in those cities identified as utilizing policing to generate revenue disproportionately from minorities.


The greatest gift that any citizen of this country can give is their life in defending it. Providing the blanket of freedom that we live, move, and have our being under is a task worthy of our highest admiration and support. Yet we live in a country today where the veterans of our great military are neglected and allowed to fall off the socialogical radar, often relegated to the lowest living standards of our society. This is an insult to them for their service. We must examine, improve, and implement systems that provide for the transition ans sustainment of these warriors as they return to take their righful places in our society.


The United States of America is comprised of millions of citizens who have either immigrated here or are the descendants of immigrants here with the exception of those descendant of The Slave Trade. While there have been laws and procedures in place for years to faciltate granting citzenship to those wishing to become a part of this great nation, it has found itself inundated by over 12 million people who have circumvented this system. However the vast majority of these people are hard working productive individuals who came to this nation to escape the grinding poverty of their former homes. Unfortunately a vast number of these people create a huge drain on the resources needed to sustain this country if they are not legally contributing to the lifeblood revenue that allows this country to function: taxes.

  1. I believe the United States should not seek to deport this demographic but should rather implement a program and a policy to identify and assimilate these people into the tax system.

  2. Those who are identified as unable to become assimilated due to a deisire for extradition by their parent country due to criminal activity should be deported immediately and then allowed to return through normal immigration procedures.

  3. As a sovereign nation The United States is entitled to protect and repel any entity that attempts to encroach on its borders. I believe that we should strenghten our borders throught the use of advanced technology and rapid response resources to keep our country secure and free from those who attempt to enter it illegally.

  4. Authorize and increase funding for legal representation to guest workers who have been abused by their employers.

  5. Require employers  to reimburse guest workers for housing, transportation expenses and workers’ compensation.

  6. Increase wages for temporary legal guest workers.

  7. Rewrite trade policies such as NAFTA and CAFTA.


  1. The United States of America is the richest country on Earth. Yet we have citzens in this country who suffer from poverty that rivals some Third World countries. While we should be proud of our ability to grow rich in a capitalistic society, we cannot become consumed by greed to the point where we ignore those who have progressed as far in this system. The tax system of the United States is the key to ensuring that there are resources to provide us all an even footing. Therefore as President I would enact the following:

  2. Require the wealthy and large corporations pay their fair share in taxes.

  3. Outlaw the practice of corporations from shifting their profits and jobs overseas to avoid paying U.S. income taxes.

  4. Implement an estate tax on the top 0.3 percent of Americans who inherit more than $3.5 million. 

  5. Increasing the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 an hour by 2020. 

  6. Implementing tax breaks for those companies hiring Americans to work  on projects rebuilding our crumbling roads, bridges, railways, airports, public transit systems, ports, dams, wastewater plants, and other infrastructure needs.

  7. Reversing NAFTA, CAFTA, and PNTR

  8. Taxing all  American companies that import their products made overseas.

  9. Increasing taxes on all foreign companies manufacturing their good inside the United States to avoid import taxes.

  10. Creating 5 million jobs for young Americans by investing $5.5 billion in a national youth jobs program. 

  11. Capping tuition free at public colleges and universities throughout America. 

  12. Granting tax emptions to those public colleges that offer free tuition.

  13. Expanding Social Security by lifting the cap on taxable income above $250,000.

  14. Guaranteeing healthcare as a right of citizenship by enacting a Medicare for all single-payer healthcare system.


Denying women control over their own bodies, preventing access to vital medical and social services, and blocking equal pay for equal work are all social crimes that America has been guilty of for years. Today those attacks are more obvious than ever. This area in our social fabric needs to be mended. As President I would:

  1. Expand funding for Planned Parenthood, the Title X family planning program, and other initiatives that protect women’s health, access to contraception, and the availability of a safe and legal abortion.
  2. Enact a comprehensive plan to make high-quality childcare and Pre-K available to every American, regardless of income.

  3. Close the wage gap for the women who make up two-thirds of all minimum wage workers by increasing the minimum wage to $18 an hour.

  4. Require employers to provide at least 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave.

  5. Require all employers to provide at least two weeks of paid vacation.

  6. Require employers to provide at least one week of paid sick leave for women to care for their sick children.

  7. Increase funding for the WIC program that provides nutrition assistance to pregnant mothers, women, and infants ensuring that every low-income mother and her children receive the nutrition they need to live healthy lives.

  8. Expand Social Security benefits and increase cost-of-living-adjustments to keep up with rising medical and prescription drug costs; and expand the minimum Social Security benefit


I believe one of the greatest liberties we have in this great nation of ours is the right to be whoever you choose to be, worship however you desire, and express yourself without fear of retribution. In past years this liberty has been afforded based on race, religion, sex, nationality, and disability. However the LBGT community has been forced to live in the shadows and has been denied this fundamental right. In many states, it is still legal to fire someone for being gay. It is legal to deny someone housing for being transgender. This is unacceptable and must change. We must end discrimination in all forms. As President I would sign into Law:


  1. The Equality Act, the Every Child Deserves a Family Act, and any bill sent to me that prohibits discrimination against LGBT people shall be signed.

  2. Ensure LGBT Americans have access to comprehensive health insurance which provides appropriate coverage and make it illegal for providers to discriminate against LGBT.

  3. Require police departments to adopt policies to ensure non-discrimatory interactions with transgender people and institute training programs to promote compliance with fair policies.

  4. Bar discrimination against LGBT people by creditors and banks so that people will not be unfairly denied mortgages, credit cards, or student loans.

  5. Veto any legislation that purports to “protect” religious liberty at the expense of others’ rights.


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